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A great man of science once told us:
       "When, however, in the course of UFO investigations one encounters
many cases , the probability that a new phenomenon was not
observed becomes very small, and it gets smaller still as the number of
cases increases. The chances, then, that something really new is involved
are very great, and any gambler given such odds would not hesitate for a
moment to place a large bet.  This point bears emphasis. Any one UFO case,
if taken by itself without regard to the accumulated worldwide data
(assuming that these have already been passed through the "UFO filter"),
can almost always be dismissed by assuming that in that particular case a
very unusual set of circumstances occurred, of low probability (but strange
things and coincidences of extremely low probability do sometimes occur).
But when cases of this sort accumulate in noticeable numbers, it no longer
is scientifically correct to apply the reasoning one applies to a single
isolated case Thus, the chance that a thoroughly investigated UFO case
with excellent witnesses can be ascribed to a misperception is certainly
very small, but it is finite. However, to apply the same argument to a
sizable collection of similar cases is not logical since the compounded
probability of their all having been due to misperceptions is comparable to
the probability that if in one throw of a coin it stands on edge, it will
stand on edge every time it is thrown".

J. Allen Hynek


"Ancient Gatherings" gold pen and prismapencil drawings   




The National Archives




Newly released UFO files
 from the UK government






Great sources for official information

Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


UFO Evidence

UFO Evidence is one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon, with over 2,000 articles, documents and resources.




UFO Evidence Revealed By Two Respected MDs



"Celestial Gathering" embossed acrylic on canvas, by Bernie Granados Jr.

Hi Bernie;

        I don't know how much you may know about this, but you are the only person I know who could understand what is going on, so I had to send this to you. As most people, in THIS country at least, seem to think that their representatives in Congress are stupid and don't know HOW to fix what is wrong with the U.S., you and I know that our representatives are not stupid, but have been compromised by Blackmail and Bribery to act in their own best interests and the best interest of the corporations and the NWO, rather than in the best interest of the people and Constitutional Government. However, evidence has been surfacing over the last 20 - 20 years that their motivation is even more sinister and frightening than we have believed. Although we have known that alien visitation of Earth has occurred throughout history, and much more intensely since the atomic bomb development and use in 1945, there is now ample evidence that it has been much more pervasive and invasive than we had guessed and has been influencing our government since Roswell in 1947. Please read this material and Book I and II to become familiar with what really IS, and act according to your own conscience, spreading the information to those who can understand it and withholding it from those who would be threatened too greatly by the knowledge. I am certain that you cannot miss the similarity to the discovery and conquest of America by the visitors from Europe. As it has always been on this planet, ignorance is our only enemy.

                                                     Yours in Freedom, Merlin Eagle


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