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Go outside and take a look up at the sky. What do you see?


Might it be that global warming is actually much worse than we ever thought?

Read this article, then get Tim Flannery's book! You will really get the true magnitude, causes and cures of, climate change.

Climate change book article from NPR.

Scientist publishes "escape route" from global warming 

Documentary chemtrail photography by Bernie Granados Jr.

While witnessing a continuing series of chemtrail "attacks" over the skies of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I shot and posted a few snapshots for you.

Click on picture above to read Jack Blood's "Chemtrails, the Final Verdict"  and below,

 to read an article from the Idaho Observer by Amy Worthington, and posted on Rense.com.....

 Remember natural sunsets, anyone?

Below, a series depicting another major chemical attack over Culver City in early April, 2006.


    The spraying has been going on and on, day and night.


02/14/06 report; Spraying day and night since the Jan. 2nd rains.

 Arizona and New Mexico water supply critical as worst draught in history drags on.

12/19/05 report; Today's spraying, "heavy"...

I got before daylight and viewed a small patch over-head with planes laying chemtrails, the rest of the sky was crystal-clear. At daylight the whole sky was obscured by these chem-clouds.


Earlier......reports; Can you believe the density of these shadows?

 They sprayed all the night before, and were still spraying at sunset, non-stop. The photos below were shot 04/14/05.

Daylight and solarized photos showing the "chem-rainbow" around the Sun. (a.k.a. sundogs)

Earlier the same day.....major attack. I don't know about you, but this crap really pisses me off! It should really scare any reasonably-educated person when they first perceive the magnitude of these "attacks" Why do so many people just ignore this obvious in-your-face evidence?

Clifford E. Carnicom photo

 Thursday the 24th of Feb., I finally got to witness first-hand the deployment of the infamous chem-fibers. They're really scary! There were tons of this stuff sprayed all over L.A. County.

I saw the first cloud before sunrise and later, throughout the day I saw the lighter-than-air fibers everywhere! Since then, I've seen chemical spraying every day. Especially hitting hard Sat.-Mon. (02-28-05) of this week. check out Sunday's photos below.

Above and below, skies  over  Calabasas.

Sunset sky over Glendale the same evening.

......and Interesting Chem-cloud  Pictures

Detail, Zoom...they sprayed all New Year's Day and Night.

Chemtrails over North Hollywood.

Chemtrails over Sylmar, California.


Took a cross-country trip and finally saw for myself how far those lines go.......

across the whole U.S., and BACK!  This Thursday, they started spraying here in Los Angeles right after the Santa Anna Winds quit. 

Circular chemtrails over Roswell, look like gigantic skywriting.  

Chemtrails over Gettysburg, even in the movies made there years ago!

Chemtrails over all America

 Banning, California, looking East.

Phoenix skies...It should have been clear.

Phoenix chemtrail sunset...and they sprayed all night.

Phoenix, the next day.


"Chemtrails Over the Sierras"

A while ago, at Mono Lake, I photographed this chemtrail sunrise. It was otherwise, a clear day.

Shot this a little later that morning. I personally witnessed a solid aerosol pattern from Los Angeles to Lee Vining California, and a constant weeklong attack from the predawn hours to nightfall, sometimes all night!

Shot from the entrance to the LA Center Studios, downtown.

Is Breathing powdered aluminum and barium good for you?

Is weather modification as a weapon of mass destruction moral?

Click on barbed-wire to search out the facts for yourself.